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ORBAA Flight Plan - Edition 1 - January 2015

28 Jan 2015 22:09 | Anonymous
ORBAA Flight Plan The Official Newsletter of the Ohio Regional Business Aviation Association Edition 1- January 2015 We are proud to introduce the brand new ORBAA newsletter to you.  This newsletter is designed to bring both current and prospective members up to date with the most recent developments and activities, relevant issues, and engagement opportunities that support Ohio Business Aviation through ORBAA. The Ohio Business Aviation Association (ORBAA) is a collective of Ohio’s Business Aviation companies and operators with a common interest in improving our industry through the three pillars of Advocacy, Workforce Development, and Training & Education.  Further information can be accessed from our website at ORBAA.org.


 The Advocacy team is led by the efforts of ORBAA Board Member Bob Tanner, as well as our retained legal team at Keggler, Brown, Hill & Ritter. ORBAA’s recent Advocacy efforts have led to a new US Customs stand-alone facility now under construction at CMH on the east end of Lane Aviation’s existing structure.  This facility is expected to be operational by the end of 2015 and will benefit of all GA traffic that was formerly directed to the airline terminal to clear at Gate 46 into an area not designed to accommodate business aircraft travelers. ORBAA is currently united on an effort to oppose the AMS/ Federal Excise Tax issue that would heavily weigh on the aircraft management operators in our state.  We encourage you to support our Ohio operators by contacting your representatives through this link. ORBAA supports Governor Kasich’s proclamation of Business Aviation in Ohio found here. ORBAA members are serving and connecting with several industry organizations including Ohio Aviation Institute, The Ohio Aerospace and Aviation Council, as well as Jobs Ohio.  We encourage our members to strengthen these bonds that connect Ohio Business Aviation to the greater industry as well as legislators that can affect ORBAA membership interests.

Workforce Development

The second annual ORBAA Scholarship was awarded to Kent State student Carissa Marion at the 2014 OBATS event.  Carissa will use the $2,500 award to further her flight training as she aspires to a flight career in business aviation.  Congratulations, Carissa! In 2015, ORBAA is offering two $2,500 scholarships; one for a Pilot career track, the other for a Maintenance Technician career track.  Proceeds from the June 2014 ORBAA Golf Outing will fund the Pilot scholarship, and ORBAA Member APEX generously donated $2,000 toward the Maintenance scholarship.  Jeff Adelman is leading the selection committees for these awards as well as communicating the application materials found here to the Ohio colleges and technical schools.  The awards will be presented to the recipients at the spring OBATS event in April. We are also proud to announce that ORBAA received the 501(c)6 charitable status in October 2014 and is now eligible to receive donations for scholarships and career development.  Leadership is working on options to best engage our members and encourage participation in donating to these causes.  Proposed actions include creating a donation category on membership renewal invoices as well as direct solicitation from an internal fundraising team. The Ohio State University has created the “Capstone Project” to research and analyze industry issues as a part of the classroom curricula.  OSU approached ORBAA to solicit a topic and our Board is developing a workable industry project related to organizing and expanding ORBAA membership, as well as articulating the value of business aviation within Ohio.  OSU will be working on this project over the spring semester and we will share the results as they develop. Member Dan Wolfe gathered a team that included ORBAA Board member Lisa Swartzwelder and other professionals from around the US to present a professional business aviation internship model at the 2014 NBAA Annual Conference in Orlando.   ORBAA has many internship guidelines and materials to furnish to its members found here that we hope will encourage participation in this important development of future professionals for our industry.

Training & Education

ORBAA hosted four large events in 2014, including:
  • Spring Ohio Business Aviation Training Standdown (OBATS) in Columbus
  • ORBAA Golf Outing in Dublin
  • Schedulers & Dispatch Training Event in Columbus
  • Fall OBATS in Cincinnati
In 2015 the first OBATS event is planned for April 29, 2015. This event, hosted in partnership with Global Aerospace and their SM4 program, will be held on the campus of The Ohio State University at the Blackwell Inn. This year’s program will feature Don Chupp with Fireside Partners and will encompass a full day, in-depth examination on best practices in emergency response planning. Mark your calendars for this very special event! In addition to the April 29 OBATS/SM4 Event, ORBAA is also planning to host the second annual Schedulers and Dispatchers seminar in Columbus, OH as well as smaller regional events throughout the State. President Jeff Poeppelman attended the NBAA User Group Conference in San Antonio, TX in June.  Jeff was able to network and benchmark best practices from among other NBAA user groups from around the country ways to return value to ORBAA.  Leadership has approved continuing a budget item to continue ORBAA participation in the 2015 conference as well.

Administration and Resources

ORBAA has a new business address:  5207 Norwich St. Hilliard, OH 43026.  This is the business address of our contracted accountant Dave Kirkey.  Dave will be handling the ORBAA bookkeeping, taxes, and membership invoicing in our contracted Treasurer position. 2014 ORBAA quarterly Board meeting minutes can be found here. The new ORBAA Organizational Bylaws updated and ratified in November 2014 can be found here. The ORBAA Business Calendar of 2015 scheduled events can be found here. ORBAA creates many values to members for a very reasonable annual membership fee.  Several values are highlighted in this document, and will serve as guidelines for communicating return on investment to prospective members. There is a new NBAA Business Aviation Fact Book with many good facts and resources released in November found here. ORBAA Leadership positions run a two-year term and are up for re-election in December 2015 for terms that begin in April 2016.  ORBAA needs the strength of its members who possess high levels of leadership and commitment to industry to lead the future of our organization.  Any interested members are encouraged to contact info@orbaa.org or any Board Member for further discussion on these upcoming positions.

ORBAA Contacts

There are many ways to contact the ORBAA Leadership including the info@orbaa.org email address that will reach the entire leadership team, or individual leader contact information found here.   The ORBAA main website is at ORBAA.org. Thank you for your continued membership and partnership in ORBAA!  We hope that together we can continue to meet the challenges within our industry and strengthen our businesses, professional bonds, and the business aviation industry within Ohio.

ORBAA is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization. 5207 Norwich Street, Hilliard, Ohio 43026

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